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Tips & Tricks Wake Up Early Morning

Assalamualaikum my friends

Are you hard to wake up early morning? are you always oversleep, and your late shubuh? If yes, just keep it in your too. when college,  I hardly wake up early morning, it makes me crazy until I get tips and tricks on how to wake up early morning with happiness.

1. Pray Before Sleep

Don't forget to pray before you sleep. Ask ALLAH SWT to help you wake up early morning, and can prayer subuh on time, and can go school on time too.

Pointed, you must ask Allah SWT to help you to wake up early morning. Asking ALLAH SWT in your prayer before sleep, to accompany you in sleep, and can wake up early morning. 

" Ya Allah, please accompany me in my sleep, and please wake up me at 4:30 AM, so I can get your best time to tahajud and subuh, after that, I can go to my class on time. I hope the best result from you. Laa hawla wala quwwata illah billah. Just only You"

2. Set Up 6x Alarm in your Handphone

After prayer, please set your alarm in your handphone at least 6 times with a range of 15-20 minutes. Yes...alarm in 6 times at different times. 

Every night, I set my alarm 6 times to help me wake up early morning. Why 6? because most of us love to off the alarm and if only one, okay you will oversleep again. ^,  you can off the first alarm, next 20 minutes your second alarm will be ringing, until 6 alarm. Believe me, it is noisy and makes you wake up early morning. Please try and tell to me the result

oh yah, please use ringing not silent voice ya for your alarm. 

3. Put in your handphone so far with your bed

Prayer before sleep ..✔

Set up alarm 6 times...

The last, please put your handphone so far away from your bed. please don't put beside your bed, radiation handphone and it avoids you from off your alarm. Most of us, you and I love off our alarm, and back sleep again. if you put away from your bed, you must wake up to off your alarm, if you do 6 times, it makes you wake up full. 


Ok...thats only tips and tricks for me how to wake early morning, oh please don't eat 15 minutes before sleep. ok. 

i hope my tips will help you to wake up early morning, if you have an idea please don't hesitate to share with us.

Still happy, stay at home and be healthy

Salam cinta dari dewi

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