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Assalamualaikum , name is Dewi Sudirman T. I am a junior blogger who loves reading, traveling healing, and writing. My favorite food is Nasi Goreng petai Mozerella kimchi. Motto gue adalah give the best for yourself and your world.


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A Simple Information about Rumbengk

Assalamualaikum wr wb.....

hai, rumbengk's lover you again in rumbengks blog. Today, I want  to share a little  or simple Information about this blog.

Rumbengks is Your gateway to the world, I hope this blog will help you to get more information and more knowledge about life and world.

This blog will tell you  about my friend, my best friend and my story in our life. Besides that, this blog will promote everything is the best for you, and of course it is for my learning.

My Friends, mia casa...teman saya, if you want to share your story on my blog, or promotion your product, please contact me in my social media. 




hi,saya dewi rumbengk, provider event workshop and training Entrepreneurshipand SDM marketing of Rumbengk'sPartner