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My Birthday, My Day! Everything depends on what you think.

Today is my birthday... yeah! Happy Birthday, Dewi! 

Alhamdullillah, Masya allah , Tabarakallah, Welcome September 2023

Last two weeks, August 2023, my day has been crowded with my blog, my class, my homework, my duty, and of course my wallet still makes me worry :P.  May from now until the next 50 years, I am filled with happiness and abundance.

In early September, I reviewed everything in my life especially my mind and my heart, What happened to me last year? and what must I do next year, From September 2023 until September 2024? 

Today is my birthday, and for some reason, I find myself reminiscing about my late mother and aunt. In the past, they were the first ones to offer their birthday wishes and prayers for me. However, today, my birthday feels quite silent, with only a birthday wish from my business partner through email.

Last year, my aunt, who was like an older sister to me, used to offer birthday prayers, and Mr. J would wish me a happy birthday as well. But today, they are no longer here. My aunt has passed away, and I've parted ways with Mr. J. Now, I only have birthday wishes from my nieces and nephews and my younger brothers.

However, all of this doesn't make me dwell in sadness for too long. Life keeps moving forward; whatever comes, face it with self-confidence, embrace the process, and believe that it's all for the best. Remember, what we think is what will happen. Everything depends on what you think.
-Dewi Sudirman-

So, on this beautiful day, besides remembering my mother and aunt and sending my best wishes to both of them, I also have the determination to become better with each passing moment in this life. I am surrounded by good people, filled with happiness and abundance, and blessed with the best of health bestowed upon me by the grace of God.

In addition, I'd like to inform you that this blog will, in the future, frequently delve into sustainable living as a part of my lifestyle and travel experiences. Furthermore, I'm shifting my focus towards becoming an exporter, particularly in the field of sustainable fashion. I aim to inspire many people to contribute to the greater good and protect our planet.

terinspirasi dari RGE, TRB2030

Certainly, I am happy to offer my best wishes and prayers for you. May you always be blessed with good health, happiness, and success in all your endeavors. May your plans to promote a sustainable lifestyle and contribute to the protection of the Earth be successful. Stay enthusiastic and continue to be a source of inspiration to others. All the best to you!

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